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Micronaire Tester/Cotton Micronaire Tester

Micronaire Tester/Cotton Micronaire Tester

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 The instrument uses the airflow method to test the micronaire value of the cotton, that is, the maturity of the cotton. When the air is applied to the cotton sample, the gas flow is different because the fineness of the cotton is different. By measuring the gas flow, it is possible to test the micronaire associated with it.

Automatic Micronaire Meter, used to determine the micronaire value of cotton fibre. CPU tech. be adoped which can give digital reading and make adjustment of micronaire value (and weight value as well) more easy and convenient. The sampling range is more big, operation more efficient, and test results more accurate. The micronaire value and cotton grade can be displayed directly on the tester, the test data also can be show displayed in the PC when machine connect to the computer.
◆ The instrument uses a high-precision range of electronic flow sensor. The wide range of micronaire measurement can reach 2.7-7.0.  Almost all the cotton can be tested on the market. This is the world's most widely used instruments to measure the micronaire.
◆ A key test. Install the sample, and just press a button. Then, you can quickly test the result. The instrument with USB interface, you can use the software to count, analyze test the results , and print the standard test report, you can also save the test report as EXCEL format.
◆ Easy calibration. Quickly calibrate with standard cotton. After calibration, the micronaire value can also be accurately tested in a nonstandard laboratory environment.
 Technical Parameters

Items Parameters
Measuring range 2.0 to 7.5 micronaire
Measuring accuracy 0.03 micronaire (standard lab environment)
Test time 15 seconds on average
Specimen weight 5±0.1g

Power AC100-240V 50/60Hz                                                               
PC communication USB port connection
Dimensions L520 x W280 x H300mm                      
Weight 10kg
Warranty 24 Months

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