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BS 5852 Combustion Tester

BS 5852 Combustion Tester

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BS 5852 combustion test equipment  is widely used to test the flame retardant properties in Europe and United States soft furniture. It takes the flammability test with 0-7 fire and standard fabrics and sponge.
BS 5852 combustion test equipment is mainly used to determine the flame retardant properties of soft furniture.  It’s widely and conveniently use.
◆ Stainless steel sample frame.
◆ The dimension is 450 mm X300 mm X150mm and 450 mm X450 mm X300mm.
◆ Heat-resistant wire mesh structure.
◆ Stainless steel ignition tube.
◆ Stainless steel test template.
◆ Digital display, the accuracy of the numerical display is 0.01cm.
◆ Standard wood, standard sponge and standard cigarettes.

◆ UK Regulation British furniture (fire and safety) regulations test
◆ BS 5852 Methods of test for assessment of the ignitability of upholstered seating by smouldering and flaming ignition sources
◆ CFR 1634 Standard for the flammability of residential upholstered furniture; Proposed rule.

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