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Sublimation Fastness Tester/Scorch Tester

Sublimation Fastness Tester/Scorch Tester

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Sublimation Fastness Tester is used for determination of color fastness performance  to hot pressing ironing and dry heating (sublimation) for all kinds of dyeing and printing textile materials and textiles, and it can also be used for the test of textile resistance to chlorine damage, scorch, bleaching yellowing, sublimation color fastness test of disperse dyes, hot water fastness test of reactive dyes, dimensional stability at high temperature, etc.
Printing and dyeing fabrics, textile auxiliary agents, and other areas of the textile and apparel.
GB/T 5718 Textiles color fastness test. P01: Colour fastness to dry heat (excluding heat pressing)
GB/T 6152 Textiles; tests for colour fastness to hot pressing
JIS L0879 Test methods for colour fastness to dry heat
JIS L0850 Tests for color fastness to hot pressing
ISO 105 P01Textiles; tests for colour fastness; part P01: colour fastness to dry heat (including hot pressing)
ISO 105 X11Textiles; Tests for colour fastness; Part X11 : Colour fastness to hot pressing
AATCC 117 Tests for color fastness to dry heat (no pressing)
AATCC 133 Tests for color fastness to high temperature (hot pressing)
M&S C13 Tests for color fastness to high temperature (hot pressing)
M&S C10 Dimensional stability test
 Up and down independent temperature control system, the use of PID temperature control program offers high temperature control accuracy and low heating efficiency; PT 100 temperature sensor configured;
 Adjustable hinge connection design allows testing of different thickness materials. Able to ensure uniform pressure and heating distribution while testing thicker materials;
 Timer configured is to preset the test time. Test time automatically starts when the upper pressing plate is pressing down. Configure the buzzer prompt to remind the end of the test;

Technical Parameters

Items Parameters
Heating plate size 210mm×210mm
Heating plate material Aluminum plate
Preheating time custom
Pressure 4kPa±1 kPa(full size)
Temperature control Independent heating up and down
Temperature heating range Ambient temperature-300℃
Tempe control stability ±1℃
Temp uniformity ±1℃
Timer Presetting time. Upper pressing plate down, automatic timing
Time-up Alarm Buzzer alarm
Applicable test Hot pressing, dry pressing and dimensional stability test
Power supply 220V,50Hz
Dimension W345mm×D520mm×H320mm
Weight 12kg

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