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Flexometer / Bally Leather Flexing Tester

Flexometer / Bally Leather Flexing Tester

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Bally flex tester is designed to evaluate the flexural resistance of leather to continual flexure. The 12-station flex tester is a popular model. The user can easily change the station arrangement, take and install samples. The whole tester is of stainless steel structure. Digital counter can preset the running times so that the instrument automatically stops when reaching the set values with no need of staff to attend to.

Bally flex tester is designed to evaluate the flexural resistance of leather to continual flexure.  It is an universal instrument to assess the flexural resistance of all kinds of light leathers and surface trim, as well as to evaluate the specimen’s propensity to crack, similar to the crease that forms in a shoe's upper that flexes during walking. The flexing mechanism of the Bally flex tester is different from that of the shoe upper flex tester. The functions of two testers complement mutually. The tester is also used for the pretreatment of specimens prior to the determination of water vapor permeability– especially of shoe upper materials used for protective footwear. 
EN ISO 20344:6.6  Personal Protective Equipment - Test Methods For Footwear
UNI 4818 Polymeric materials coated fabrics. Test methods
DIN 53.351  Inspection of leather, artificial leather and similar flat fabrics
UNE/I.U.P.20, I.U.P.10+20, I.U.P.20
1. The machine is simple to use, installed on the table, and can plug in anytime.
2. There are 12/24 -station models, also available for low temperature models (up to -20 ° C). The temperature values vary depending on the ambient temperature of the machine.
3. Two types of selective test stations to test multiple samples at a time with a high degree of stability.
4. The control panel has a high degree of automation, easy operation.
 Technical Parameters
Items Parameters
Flexing angel 22.5°
Speed 100±5cpm
Instrument material Stainless steel
Surface treatment Paint spraying
External dimension 85.6×52×38cm(L×W×H)
Weight 41kg
Power supply 220V,50Hz,1A

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