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Plate Pressing Tester

Plate Pressing Tester

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 Plate pressing tester is suitable to assess the color fastness to hot pressing for various types of textiles, including home textiles and industrial textile. The instrument consists of two upper and lower smooth parallel pressing plates: the upper pressing plate gets heating and applies 4kPa pressure on the specimen. Tests can be operated under different setting temperatures and in three ways. Test temperature can be set according to the fiber composition of specimens to be tested (Min.-max. temperature: 70-200℃).
 Dry ironing, steam ironing, wet ironing, suitable for a variety of textiles to assess the color fastness to hot pressing, including home textiles and industrial textiles.
 UNI EN ISO 105-X11 Textiles - Tests for colour fastness - Colour fastness to hot pressing. 
Technical Parameters 
Items Parameters
Weight 10kg
Dimension 650 x 510 x 200mm

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