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Sharp Cutting-edge Tester

Sharp Cutting-edge Tester

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Sharp cutting-edge tester is used for testing the accessible sharp part. Observe whether the tip inserted into the required depth. The insertion depth determines its tax degree.

 Wide range of applications and suitable for the determination of textile products on the annex and children's toys sharp cutting test methods.
1. Carefully selected imported accessories with stable and reliable performance, durable and low friction resistance.
2. Instrument machine shell uses the high quality metal paint with a robust desktop structure which is more convenient for moving.
3. The number of rotation can be set: 1 to 10.
4. Short response time of motor drive with uniformity speed and no overshoot.
5. Standard modular design for easy instrument maintenance and upgrades.
6. The core components use the 32-bit multi-function motherboard for data processing.
7. Replaced the specimen holders according to the different samples.
8. The test height can be adjusted to meet the needs of different customers.
9. Easy to replace the pressure weights. Great coaxial degree.

 ◆ GB31702 Testing method for sharpness of attached components on textile products.
◆ GB/T3170 Determination of particle size of aluminum powder; Sieve analysis with alcohol.
◆ ASTMF963 Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Toy Safety.
◆ EN71-1 Toy Safety. Part 1: mechanical and physical properties.
◆ GB6675 National safety technical code for toys.
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