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Comfortable Thermal Manikin

Comfortable Thermal Manikin

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Thermal Manikin environment test simulation manikin exchange heat from the external environment by simulating the real physiological mechanism. Combining the dummy monitoring results with the software data analysis results to get the different thermal comfort effect through the protective clothing on the manikin.
Thermal environment test simulation manikin measures the heat balance relationship between manikin heat production and external environment, analyze the environment effect on the human comfort and the environmental conditions meet the human comfort. It also can characterize the human comfortableness in different environments according to the human comfort results and the heat balance between the dressed dummy that product heat and the external environment. Then it can use to guide the development of comfort fabrics and clothing in the special conditions.
Thermal environment test simulation manikin uses the data expression method for human perception conclusions. It avoids the real test without losing the digital and uniform real  perception result. As a result, it will reduce the error caused by the differences in personal perception.

Comfortable Thermal Manikin

 1. Purple dolphin model with good thermal conductivity.
2. Dark treatment with the same skin radiation value as human’s . Perfect simulation of human skin;
3.The modular manikin structure, easy to dismantle. Achieving the scene assembly measurement in the narrow space.
4. 11 independent control heating sections with high precision.
5. Heat insulation capacity in each independent heating section. Achieve special test requirements of the human body temperature difference. And the temperature difference up to 3 ℃ in the adjacent section. Easy to disassemble and install due to the 6 detachable joints.
6. Head cable drawing-off way  is easy for  clothing wear off.
7. 11 internal temperature monitoring segments, 11 external temperature monitoring segments, 11 power output segments, 4 ambient temperature monitoring segments, 2 environmental humidity monitoring segments.
8. PID algorithm combined with fuzzy algorithm to ensure good control accuracy.
9. Four kinds of work modes with automatic conversion and data record function: Constant temperature test, variable temperature test, constant power test, variable power test.
10. The analysis software provides the results of thermal resistance and CLO value.
Built-in thermal comfort evaluation model and the EQT evaluation model, which can analyze the thermal comfort feeling of the human body in the closed environment and the non-uniform thermal environment. And the thermal comfort value is quantifiable.
11. Anti-leakage safety protection device with the function of overrun alarm and overheating automatic power off.


 ● Detachable comfortable thermal manikin, 1 set
● Manikin control system, 1 set
● System software, 1set
● Movable auxiliary hanger, 1 set
 thermal manikin

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