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Manual Hydrostatic Tester 

Manual Hydrostatic Tester 

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The manual hydrostatic pressure tester is designed according to the national standard and national standard. It is suitable for the determination of the hydrostatic pressure of the fabric. It can also be used to determine the hydrostatic pressure of other coating materials.
1. The instrument has two kinds of pressure gauge, low pressure and high pressure gauge, respectively show high and low pressure (another digital display fabric hydrostatic tester)
2. The use of pressurized media: water or non-corrosive liquid
3. Special sample holder to ensure a good clamping

1. The pressure range and measurement accuracy
          0 ~ 0.04MPa (4mH2O) accuracy: ± 0.1kPa
          0 ~ 0.6MPa (60mH2O) accuracy: ± 5kPa
2. The sample size: Φ125mm, by the pressure area: round 100cm2
3. The amount of pressurized media: 500mL
 GB/T 4744-2013  Testing and evaluation of hydrostatic pressure method of textiles waterproof performance
IS08ll:1981  Determination of water resistance of textile fabric impermeability
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