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Q021 Air Permeability Tester

Q021 Air Permeability Tester

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 The air permeability tester is used to measure the air permeability of the sample through the rate of the sample under the specified test area, pressure drop and time conditions. The automatic pressure difference test system can be used to calculate the air permeability of the tested sample quickly and accurately in a very short time.
 The equipment is suitable for outdoor textiles, such as airbags, clothing, parachutes, sails, tents and awnings, etc ; all weather and rainproof fabric; sportswear and functional textiles; weathering material performance assessment; military and industrial use materials permeability Testing; the development and research of air filter materials and vacuum vacuum cleaner bags etc; all kinds of paper products.
 GB/T 5453 Textiles--Determination of the permeability of fabrics to air
DIN 53887 Testing of textiles– Determination of air permeability of textile fabrics
ISO 9237 Textiles-Determination of the permeability of fabrics to air

ASTM D737 Standard test method for air permeability of textile fabrics

JIS L1096  Testing methods for woven and knitted fabrics
TAPPI T 251 CM-85  Air permeability of porous paper, fabrics, and pulp hand-sheets 
EDANA 140.2 Air permeability of nonwovens
AFNOR G07-111 Testing of textiles– Determination of air permeability of textile fabrics
BS 5636  Method for determination of permeability of fabrics to air
EN ISO 7231 Polymeric materials, cellular, flexible - Determination of air flow value at constant pressure-drop
ASTM D3574 Standard test methods for flexible cellular materials—Slab, bonded, and molded urethane foams
 Press the test head with the electromagnetic induction system.  Start automatically test After pressing the clamp. multi-size test head can be replaced, to meet different test standards. Platform handle with roller feet is easy to move.

 Automatic identification function. When you replace the test head, the system can automatically identify different sizes of test head, and in accordance with the corresponding size of the test and data analysis records, without manual selection. you can avoid test error in maximum extent.

 WIFI data connection, with high compatibility Andrews system test software, can quickly and accurately test the air permeability of the sample at the same time, and can obtain more remote monitoring and mobile use.

Technical Parameters

Items Parameters
Control mode Software control
Test head area 5cm2, 20cm2,25cm2,38cm2,50cm2,100cm2 optional
Unit mm/s,cfm,cm3/cm2/s, L/m2/s, L/dm2/min,m2/m2/min,m3/m2/h
Test pressure 0-3000Pa(≤±2%)
Flow test range 0.3-12000mm/s
Testing time 5-50s
Sample thickness range 0-10mm
Seal Up and down double rubber washers
Adhesive sheet airtightness 0.01L/m2/s
Data transmission WIFI(50m)
Power options 220V,50Hz
Flow calibration Metal flow calibration plate
External Dimension 900mm×590mm×1000mm
Weight 80kg

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