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Nail Bed Flammable Tester

Nail Bed Flammable Tester

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Nail Bed Flammable Tester

16 CFR1510, ASTMF963?4.6.2

The tester is designed for determining the flammability of cloth toys and plush toys, used in the detection of flammability of flammable hair, and recording the burning time, to make a assessment whether the flammability of the burning part meet the requirement of standards.

Product Information:
The tester is used as test fixture in the flammability test of solid and soft toys. Place the prepared sample in a draft-free area that can be ventilated and cleared after each test. A specified ignition source is acted on the sample until ignition occurs. Observe the combustion state of sample and assess its flammability.

Test Method:
1.Place the prepared sample on the tester, and Measure the dimensions of the sample.
2.Hold a burning paraffin candle whose flame is a minimum of 16mm high, with the tip of the inner cone of the flame in contact with the surface of the sample for 5s, remove the candle. Maintain the burning for another 5s or burn to the end of the major axis.
3.Measure the length of the burned area, and calculate the rate of burning along the major axis of the sample.
Technical Parameters:
Items Parameters
Socket Wrench Screw 1 Material Stainless Steel
  Dimension # 10-32×0.38inches(LG)
  Quantity 9
  Apart from the edge 0.31inches(7.8mm)
  Screw spacing 1.25inches(31.75mm)
Nail 2 Material Stainless Steel
  Dimension # 8d×2.50 inches(LG)
  Quantity 64
  Apart from the edge 0.62inches(15.7mm)
  Screw spacing 4.69 inches(119mm)
Up plate-stainless steel plate 3 0.12×10.12×10.12inches(3×257×257mm)(LG)
Bottom plate-stainless steel plate 4 0.25×10.00×10.06inches(6.35×254×255.5mm)(LG)
Outside dimension Approx. 254×254mm(1×1inches)

Standard Configurations:
1 Nail Bed Flammable Tester;
2 Burning Paraffin Candle.

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