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Universal Material Tester

Universal Material Tester

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 Universal material tester  is designed to test mechanical properties of materials. There are two versions : hand operated apparatus and electric operated apparatus.
 Hand Operated Apparatus 
It can achieve forces of up to 34 kN, with minimal strain on the operators hands. Operation is possible with or without PC support.. It features a strong and rigid construction and clear layout for easy understanding of test performance. A large base provides stability and is equipped with 4 handles for easy movement, if required. Force is displayed on a large dial gauge with 0 - 23 kN range, with a drag pointer to show maximum force. Deformation is displayed on a dial gauge. The hydraulic system is manually operated with a hand pump.
 Technical Parameters
Items Parameters
Dimensions (L x W x H) 500 mm x 380 mm x 705 mm
Weight 48 kg
Max. test force 23 kN
Max. piston stroke 54.0 mm
force transducer Full-bridge DSM
Dilatation transducer Linear potentiometer 0-50mm
Oil VG46
Interface USB2.0

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