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NFPA 701-1 Flammability Tester

NFPA 701-1 Flammability Tester

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 This tester mainly based on NFPA 701 R & D and the United States NFPA 701 that provides fabric and film flame propagation test methods. It’s suitable for fabrics and curtains or barrier material of windows. Also it’s suitable for single or multi-layer fabric fabrics except the ones with the weight up to 700g / m2 (21oz / yd2).
 1. Open type box structure, calcium silicate board box, External wrapped in stainless steel, elegant appearance with great anti-corrosion performance.
2. Meker Burner.
3. Electronic automatic ignition.
4. Automatically set the gas release time of 20s and the standard burning time.
5. Accuracy of the timer is 0.1s.
6. Provide standard sample holder.
7. The height of flame is adjustable,   includes a flame temperature measuring device.
 National Fire Protection Association NFPA 701: 2004 & 2009 Edition Test Method 1
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