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Fiber Crimp Elasticity Tester

Fiber Crimp Elasticity Tester

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Fiber Crimp Tester is the latest developed high precision testing apparatus. It is used to automatically measure the crimp ratio, crimp elastic recovery percentage, and number of crimps of the fiber. It adopts the image processing technology to automatically count the number of crimps within the length of 25mm on the fiber sample when the fiber bears the light load, thus it eliminates the uncertainty of manually counted results. With the force sensor the apparatus measures the values of the light load and heavy load that stretch the fiber sample, and measures the fiber lengths when the fiber is under the light load and heavy load respectively, then it calculates the crimp ratio automatically. It also measures the fiber length after the fiber have burdened the heavy load and got relaxed, and then calculates the crimp elastic recovery percentage of the fiber.

It can be used to test the crimp properties of single natural and man-made fiber. Therefore, it is widely used in chemical fiber and textiles manufactories, fiber-testing inspection bureaus, and scientific research institutions, etc.  

GB/T 14338  Testing method for crimping performance of man-made staple fibers

Technical Parameters
Items Parameters
Test range 0~2000(10-3cN
Force precision 0.1(10-3cN)
Force error ≤±1% 
Gauge between the upper and the lower clamp   20mm  
Lower clamp moving range 40mm
Length precision 0.01mm
Time set Auto
ŸCount the number of crimps Auto
Count the length of crimps 25mm
Power 220V~±10%
Dimensions 510×340×420mm
Weight 20KG

The apparatus is finely constructed and is characteristic of fast measurement. Its force resolution is 0.1 × 10-3cN. Its accuracy is much higher than the old torque balance instrument measuring accuracy. In particular, the tester is conducive to the determination of light load settings. The test results are accurate,  and it is easy to operate.


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