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Automatic Auxiliary Dispensing & Transporting System

Automatic Auxiliary Dispensing & Transporting System

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Product features:

Saving 20% of unnecessary waste on auxiliary. 

Prevent from workers’ overuse of auxiliary. 

Machine cost could be returned in a short time.

Weighing on balance:The difference of stickness and density on each auxiliary would affect measuring accuracy when using flowmeter on dispensing.

1-24 Dispensing valve:According to the number of auxiliaries, 1-24 metering valves can be customized;

1-16 independent transporting destinations:Valve switching could be completed within one second with outstanding transportation efficiency.


Automatic Auxiliary dispensing & transporting system

Size: 140×110×180cm

Balance Accuracy: 300kg/1g

Dispensing Accuracy: ±20g

Power: 220V 1.5KW/H 

Dispensing Qty.: 1-24 kinds

Transporting Qty.: 1-16 Targets

Air: 8*5;5-7kg

Water: 1吋 1〞DN25; Hot water 50-60℃; Pressure < 6.3MPa

Transporting pipe: DN25;Target capacity 200L up;Descending slope of pipeline 3%


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