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Dyestuff Dissolving & Transporting System ( two tanks )

Dyestuff Dissolving & Transporting System ( two tanks )

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Product features:

300kg balance (Accuracy 1g) :Meet weighing accuracy for normal dyeing machine. 

17〞industrial computer :It’s easy to operate on large screen. 

Two dissolving tank :It’s sufficient for usual dissolving requirement.

Semi-automatic powder weighing system is recommended to use on small dyeing machines.

A revolutionary solution to make weighing, dissolving and transporting dyestuff in one system :Dissolving device is combined on distributor to shorten lead time and eliminate pollution risk.

300L+100L two dissolving tank:Small tank suitable for solution dissolving. Big tank suitable for dissolve & transport to dyeing machine directly.

User-friendly balance:

Balance would rise up to the height of dissolving tank when the dyestuff box is placed on the balance. Workers could weigh the dyestuff easily to reduce labor Intensity.


Two transporting device are optional for different application requirements 

40 Pneumatic valve:Every single valve targets one destination to eliminate switching time. Patented switcher has no dead place to ensure cleanness of tubes.

Transporting system for 100 destinations:Use robotic hand to switch to different destinations, which is sufficient for large number of destinations, such as mother solution dispensing system.


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