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Fiber Impurity Analyzer

Fiber Impurity Analyzer

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The plush fiber impurity analyzer separates them according to the principle of mechanical aerodynamics, which utilizes the buoyancy of the fibrous material and impurities in the air.
The plush fiber impurity analyzer can detect debris, impurities and dust content in cotton or wool samples, and can also be used to detect the production rate of synthetic fibers as well as cashmere, Angola hairs. In addition, the instrument can be used to detect the content of non-fibrous components in synthetic fiber long fibers or to open and remove fibers, as well as for the analysis of output analysis, color analysis, oil content, etc. Prepare for further physical testing.

Standards Methods
ASTM D2812 Standard test method for non-lint content of cotton
Technical Parameters
Items Parameters
Test items percentage of trash, lint and dust content  
Feed amount 50or100gram
Opening rate Opening roller speed 1220rpm,Opening Rate 16g/min
Fan speed 1500rpm
Suction air flow 2.9m3/min
Physical dimensions 620 x 900 x 550 mm
Weight 225kg
◆   Separate suction system for effective separation of lint and non-lint contents
◆   Micro-dust filtering Stage : Fine - 150 micron; Coarse - 300 micron, Equipped with dust chamber
◆   Operating under the principle of Buoyancy separation by the use of air currents.
◆   Compact, aerodynamic shape, silent operation and nonpolluting nature for better laboratory environment.
◆   Centrifugal type AC induction motor (1380rpm) incorporated for high durability.  
◆   Individually spring loaded & segmented finger type feeder for better grip for better opening.
◆   Maintenance free for suction kit and no need of carbon brush replacement

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