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Textile cutting machine, Fabric cutting machine, Cloth cutting machine, Automatic knife cutter, Straight knife cutter. Variable speed motor with advanced developed motor in great power, which is adjustable from 1000 to 4200 r/min with light indicator light. It is also can be easily control by dial. Automatic knife grinding, smothly cutting with low resistance. It's  applicable to cut many kinds materials such as cotton, silk, chemical fiber, and leather etc. Good performance, easy operation and maintenance.

Product Details

Quick Details Parameter

Product : Textile cutting machine, fabric cutting machine

Motor Speed : 1000-4200r/min

Power : 110v/220v 550w

Frequency : 50/60Hz

Knife : 160mm(8"), 210mm(10")

Features : Automatic, Variable speed, Grinding

Material Capabilities : Cotton, linen, silk, chemical fiber

Certification : CE, TüV Rheinland

Product features

Variable Speed Motor.

Motor speed is adjustable from 1000 to 4200 r/min.

Applicable for many materials such as cotton, silk, chemical fiber and leather etc.

Variable speed.

Automatic knife grinding.

Easy operation and maintenance.


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