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Fat End Type of Thread EndSuction Machine

Fat End Type of Thread EndSuction Machine

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lt is applicable to clean up large-sizegarment, such as: surgical gown, robeetc.,thread end and fibre dust cutdown from carpet and rugs (no staticelectricity)

Function and features

1、The machine is mini and heau tiful with no snace occuoation, and largely improved thanprevious model.

2、Humanized decinn of ontiro maohino anerators can select to stand up or sit down tooperate, it is very convenient and saves labor.

3、Supporting racly of thomac hina inctall c with A celf-lockina omni-directional wheel, andmovement is very convenient

Basic parameters

Power supply 380V

Motor power 6.0 KW

Air draft caliber: 1000*180mm(Length*height)


Packaging weight of wooden box: 430KG

Dimension: (length*width*height)1700*1120*900mm

Packaging dimension of wooden box:(length*width*height)1750*1250*1050mm


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