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Fiber Length Analyzer

Fiber Length Analyzer

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The instrument uses a roller type fiber length analyzer, which will be arranged in a row of cotton cellulose according to a certain set of groups weighing, and then calculate the fiber length of the various indicators.
The instrument is used to analyze the length of cotton fiber or chemical fiber. It is made up of two parts: fiber stretcher and analyzer-The instrument is used to analyze the length of cotton fiber or chemical fiber.  

Technical Parameters
Items Parameters
Fiber draw-off unit Diameter of front roller 8mm
  Diameter of rear roller 16mm
  Diameter of covered roller 17mm
  Diameter of velvet lap roller 66mm
Fiber analyzer Diameter of input roller 19.1mm
  Spring of analyzer 70N
Dimension L205×W150×H240mm
●   Preparation of raw sliver: trash extraction, fiber draw-off , and then trash extraction  , and then fiber draw-off
●   Instrument adjustment: roller type length analyzer
●   sampling
●   Finishing cotton sliver
●   Move cotton sliver
●   Grouping clipping
●   Group Weighing

Standards Methods 
GB/T6908.1 Study on measuring method of roller-type cotton fiber length

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