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Brushing Machine/Brooming Machine

Brushing Machine/Brooming Machine

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It is applicable to garment, hats, hosiery,neckerchief, accessories, towels etc.

Function and features

The machine adopts simultaneous running of centrifugal fan and machine brush roll,clean up residues stained with knitting,wool, artificial wool brushing garment so as tobrush up residues such as undercoat, flyings, knitting wool end etc.on the garmentrapidly and easily before packaging and delivery of your manufactured garments so as toexempt from traditional mode of viscose gluing by hand, largely reduce labor intensity andproduction cost, enable to guarantee appearance quality of your fashion products andupgrade quality and price of your apparel.

Main technical parameters

Power voltage: AC220(380V 50Hz ±10%

Fan motor: 0.55KW

Motor of brush roll: 0.55 KW

Adjustable speed and frequency convertingcontrol

Working table: 1150×700mm

 Up and down adjustable brush roll: Have

External dimension: 1150×700×850mm

Weight: 80kg


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