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Conveyor needle detector

Conveyor needle detector

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It is applicable to detect broken needle and iron matters inmany industries such as garment, textile, shoes and hats,home textiles, quilting etc.

Basic characteristics

Power voltage: AC220V50Hz±10%

Power: 60W

Detection width:600mm

Height passing the products: 80, 110,130,150mm

Sensitivity: O-10 level adjustable

Detectability:  0.8,1.0,1.2,1.5Fe iron ball have reaction.

Conveyor belt rotation speed: 30mz/min

External dimension: (Length x Width x Height)1600×1050×900 mm

Gross weight: 180kg

Function and features

1.Configure with anti-static non-metal rubber conveyorbelt.

2. Alarm modes are respectively sound and light to worksimultaneously, enable to help operators to find

3. Machine equipped with counting function, it is dividedinto good product, bad product and summation.

4.Possess the detection of thick fabric and thin fabric, aswell as functions such as automatic return of detectedgoods and automatic counting etc.

5. The machine adopts special magnetic-sensingmaterials and special technology to manufacturescientifically to make particularly high detection accuracy,and scientifically solves "common fault" as poor anti-interference existing in needle detector field currently.


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