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Fusing Machine

Fusing Machine

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lt is applicable for lining fusing of mini products such as foaming, transferring printing, pressing,and cutting pieces etc.

Main technology

Bonding pressure: 0-1.0 kg/cm2

Bonding band width: 500/600mm

Temperature regulation scope:Normal temperature~200℃

Speed regulation: 0-12m/min

Power supply:220V(380V)/50hz

Motor power: 6Ow

Heater power:4.5-5.5kw

Boundary dimension: 1650*1000*950/1650*1050*950mm

Total machine weight: 165/175kg

Bonding band adopts Teflon with seam belt, also can adopt seamless belt(different price)

Structure features

1、Mini bonding machine installs fixed axis with mandatory railing,conveyor belt is easy to deviate

2、Control of electrical apparatus control system is simple and operation is safe and convenient.Adopt Teflon conveyor belt, be heat-resisting and easy to clean

3、Structure is reasonable,conveyor belt is convenient to replace

4、After operation ends up, possess automatic pause function when interior temperature is lower than70 degree



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