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Automatic Edging Burling Machine

Automatic Edging Burling Machine

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lt is applicable to inspect cloth in many industries such asgarment, bags and suitcases, shoes and hats, quilting,home textiles,curtains etc., but it is limited to non-elasticfabric to use.

Basic characteristics:

 Fabric inspecting width:1800mm

Maximum batching diameter: 500mm

Power supply voltage: AC220V±50Hz

Rolling speed: 0~50m/min

Automatic edging error is 5-8mm

Power: 1.1KW。

Gross weight: 350KG。

Machine size:2500*1250*1750mm(L*W*H)

Features and function:

1、Automatic rolling-up(roll up by friction)

2、Automatic infrared edging, edging error 5-8mm (error isdetermined by the situation of selvage)

3、Equip with running meter coding

4、No-fabric pause function: Control by electronic eye,automatically stop running after loosening the cloth. Endcloth shall not slide down suddenly, remained cloth canconnect with second roll of cloth,in this way, it can savetime of placing the cloth again.

5、Frequency speed control function is to keep balancedworking speed of releasing and rolling cloth so as toachieve better rolling-up effect.

6、Equip with cloth placement basket made of stainless steel.Upper and lower inspection light boxes.Inspection panelof the lower light box with high-quality acrylic panels andground glass complex, which can not only relieve eyefatigue of the operator, and but also greatly reduce staticelectricity. Lamp source configuration adopts LED, lampsource brightness is strong and even, and mainly no shadow.


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