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Multi-function Burling Machine

Multi-function Burling Machine

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Basic characteristics:

Fabric inspecting width: 1800/2000/2400mm

Maximum batching diameter: 500mm

Power supply voltage:AC220V±50Hz

Rolling speed: 0~50m/min

Automatic edging error is 5-8mm

Power: 2.0-3.5KW

Gross weight:520/560/630KG

Machine size:2500*1400*1750;2700*1400*1750;3080*1400*1750mm (L*W*H)

Features and function:

1、Automatically roll-up(roll up by friction), automaticallyloosen fabric

2、Automatic infrared edging,edging error 5-8mm (error isdetermined by the situation of selvage)

3、Electronic automatic counting of length, and randomregulation of displayed meters and yards

4、Upper and lower inspection light boxes. Inspection panelof the lower light box with high-quality acrylic panels andground glass complex, which can not only relieve eyefatigue of the operator,and but also greatly reduce staticelectricity. Lamp source configuration adopts LED,lampsource brightness is strong and even, and mainly noshadow.

5、No-fabric pause function: Control by electronic eye,automatically stop running after loosening the cloth. Endcloth shall not slide down suddenly,remained cloth canconnect with second roll of cloth, in this way, it can savetime of placing the cloth again.

6、Install roller scutching axle so as to get better rolling effecton fabric.

7、Double-frequency speed control function is to keepbalanced working speed of releasing and rolling cloth so

8、as to achieve better rolling-up effect.

9、Specially install automatic regulation of tension function soas to make no easy deformation of width after finishing therolling of large elastic fabric, present natural status to bemore convenient for storage.

Auxiliary function:

1、Adopt the function of plate-type scutching axle, thin-typeand easy wrinkle fabric take good effect,rolled fabric iscompact and leveling, not easy to produce dead wrinkle.

2、Microcomputer roller scutching axle is specific to fabricwith natural edge curling(for example: shirt cloth), rolledfabric after using shall not form the shape like barbell.

3、Install weighing function, weight scope is within 150KG

4、Equip with arch bar, when rolling the cloth, it canautomatically spread the cloth towards two sides by thebar,help to spread follow-up fabric

5、Fabric spreading position behind the machine installsscutching axle to be helpful to spread out greige cloth andscattered cloth, and facillitates to inspect fabric

6、Equip with height cut-off knife.

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