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Automatic flapping machine

Automatic flapping machine

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Patting mode:

The flappingmode of the eqaipment is symmetrical balance mode, which is characterized by the diversity offiapping force fordownand cotton more loose and more symmetrical.

Product characteristics:

Beating range

The adaptive range ofthe device;

1, down -90 velvet,80 velvet, 70 velvet, 50 velvet, hand velvet, fly silk.Wool rod and other seven categories.

2,cotton-machine cotton, pearlcotton, down cotton, imitation silkcotton, hand stuffed cotton and other five categories. Beat moving,beat loose, beat even.

3, complextype offlower -flower pressure gluefilling pile, curve, ,trapezoid,flower pressure glue filling cotton simple pattern

Feeding mode:

The feeding mode ofthis productis intermittenttransmission mode, and its working principle is that when the rod falls to dispersethe cotton filling and down, the conveyorbelt is stationary.When the rod completes the beating action, itrises and lifts away fromthe material, and the conveyor belt begins to feed the material.Thedesign is very reasonable, avoiding the continuous operation ofthe conveyor belt while the materialis dispersed,which causes the pulling and damage to the fabric.


1)Down, cotton, embossing rubber and other textile fillers beat the formation.

2) Cotton fiber recycling function,through the suction mode to absorb thefloating cotton recycling bag.

3) In addition to electrostatic function(Optional).

This equipment flapping adaptation range:

1) Down category: 90 velvet, 80 velvet, 70 velvet, 50 velvet, hand fleece, fly, hair rod and other seven categories.

2) Cotton category: machine filled cotton, pearl cotton, downjcotton, sillk cotton lmitation, hand plug cotton and otherfive categories. Take the move, take the scattered, take even.

3) Complex type: embossing pressure plastic filling pile, curve, V word,trapeze, embossing pressure plastic fillingcotton simple pattern.

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