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Automatic Button Attach Machine (Punching with Button Attaching)

Automatic Button Attach Machine (Punching with Button Attaching)

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Suitable for down/cotton suits, jackets, outdoor-jackets andother metal Ring Spring Type Snap and eyelet buttons, all sizesuniversal.

Mechanical Parameters

Drive mode:Servo motor

Motor Power:220 V/0.75 Kw

Working throat depth:100 mm

Working height:35 mm

Working speed:50-65次/分钟 Time/min.

Machine weight:145公斤KG

Dimensions:560×830×1260 mm

Working efficiency: 15,000-18,000/10 working hours

Main features:

Applicable button:Ring Spring Type Snap,Eyelet

Safety performance:ElectricAnti-Hitting Device

Operation mode:Touch Screen Control

Machine structure:Stainless Steel

Mechanical stroke:Upper punch-press type

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