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Schroeder twin folding tester

Schroeder twin folding tester

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Understanding the repetitively folding resistance of paper and paper card is very vital for the determination the folding resistance of paper. Schroeder twin folding tester is designed to measure the folding resistance of paper. The drive motor is located on the base. The crank machinery with connecting rod and electronically controlled air circulation fan is mounted inside of the machine. Electronical control cells and pulse counter is set in the front of the base. The folding units is on the top, and each unit contains a folding head, two spring dynamometer and  a holder.

1ISO 5626 Paper. Determination of folding endurance.
2TAPPI 523 Paper. Determination of folding endurance.
3NF Q03-062 Paper. Determination of folding endurance.
4NF ISO 5626  Paper tests. determination of folding endurance.

The instrument has two independently folding units with the same structure. Each unit contains a folding head, two spring dynamometer and  a holder, which reduces half of the test time for a series of paper samples.
The tester automatically detects the breaking sate of samples as well as the folding times before sample breaking. The test results can be worked out soon without any other operation.
When the test finishes, the tester automatically stops. The folding knife automatically resets, and the signal lamp shows the running state of the folding units.
Folding head is driven by silent wave motor, and cutter is precisely driven by a bearing, which ensures stable operation and good reproducibility of test conditions.

Technical  Parameters
Items Parameters
Folding heads 2, separately
Spring tension 7.5N/9.81N
Test length 90mm
Dimension of specimen 15mm width, 100mm length, max.0.25mm thick
Driving speed 115±10 folds/min
Interface RS 232 for data transfer
Electronic connection 230V,50Hz
Optional Available with temperature sensor for temperature deviation measurement
Weight About 50kg
Dimension 530 x 490 x340 (BxTxH)

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