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Packaging Clamping Force Testing Machine

Packaging Clamping Force Testing Machine

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  Clamping Force Testing Machine for packaging simulates the transportation with Schnabel car discharge the package, in the transit, the package of box affected by clamping force of both boards. And this clamping force tester is to evaluate the resistance property of the package toward this clamping force.

  Design Standatd: ASTM D6055-2019,ISTA 6 Amazon, ISTA 6- SAMS CLUB, ISTA 3J


  Capacity: 18kN

  Maximum Specimen Weight: 500kg

  Maximum Specimen Size: Approximate 2000mm x 1220mm x 1220mm (L*W*H)

  Control System: PLC controller, Touch screen display

  Motor: Panasonic 750W servo motor

  Load Cell Resolution: 1/250,000

  Clamping Plate Size: Approximate 1220mm x 1220mm (LxW)

  Clamping Space:

  Minimum about 50mm×1220mm×1220mm (L*W*H)

  Maximum about 2000mm×1220mm×1220mm (L*W*H)

  Clamping Speed: 5~500mm/min (adjustable)

  Lifting Height: 50~1000mm

  Lifting Speed:

  Rise: 5~600mm/min (adjustable)

  Drop: 5~300mm/min (adjustable)

  Lifting Method: Cylinder drive

  Hydraulic Unit Combination: 2.2kW (3HP); 40L fuel tank

  Weight: 3000kg Approximate


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