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High Acceleration Shock Test System

High Acceleration Shock Test System

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  The size of the impact test bench is small, and the bench structure is carefully designed after finite element optimization analysis. The structure is strong and the frequency response is high. Through the high acceleration impact test, it can reach the acceleration duration of 0.3ms, and the impact half-sine wave conforms to the test specification.

  Built-in anti-secondary impact device, the table body is equipped with high-efficiency damping device, and the impact height is digitally set and executed automatically.



  Maximum load: 100kg

  Impact peak acceleration range: Half sine wave: 150~6000m/s²

  Pulse duration:Half sine wave: 0.5~30ms

  Impact waveform: Half sine wave

  wave description difference:

  a) When the pulse duration is less than or equal to 3ms, the peak acceleration tolerance is ±20%; the pulse duration tolerance is ±15%;

  b) When the pulse duration is> 3ms, the waveform tolerance should be within the range specified by the standard.

  Standards compliant: Requirements of GJB150, GJB360, GB2423.

  Power consumption: 5.5KVA

  Working conditions:

  A.Power supply voltage: 380V±10% AC50Hz

  B.Ambient temperature: 0℃-40℃

  C.Relative humidity: ≤90% (25℃)

  D.Surrounding environment: no corrosive medium, dry and ventilated,Electromagnetic field interference and strong vibration sources that affect normal operation.

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