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Automatic Button Attach Machine

Automatic Button Attach Machine

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Automatic raining coat button setting machine is automatic button attaching machine with automatic upper and lower feeding, automatic attaching functions. It can attach various buttons by changing the mold. The Automatic Raining Coat Button attaching Machine is suitable for sprong snap button, Rivet, snap fasteners, Snap fastener, Eyelet grommet and so on. Such as raining coats.


Sprong snap button\Rivet\snap fasteners\Snap fastener\Eyelet grommet and so on.


1. High efficiently: speed 4~6 times than traditional machine. 15000~35000pcs/eight hours.

2. It can attach various buttons by changing the mold.

3. Automatic feeding button to the upper and lower mold, hand-free and it is safe for workmen.

4. With automatic buffer device, no need to adjust molds height when fabric thickness in different.

5. It is equipped with two modes of singles and continuous, which is suitable for different workers' demands and improves work efficiency.

6. Equipped with anti-injury hand distance sensor function, anti-wound hand sensing distance height adjustable: 5- 15mm.

Technical Parameter:

Power:750 W


Frequency :50/60 Hz

Working Depth:60 mm

Working Speed:160 pc/min




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