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Automatic cotton patting machine

Automatic cotton patting machine

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Clapping machine is simple, safe and easy to operate. It adopts artificial beating mode. It uses the principle of multiple sets of connecting rods to achieve the best effect of finished products. Compared with the traditional manual method, it is more time-saving and labor-saving, and the molding is more uniform. The new 9908-vi has a beautiful appearance, With integrated steel structure frame and fully enclosed design, the vibration sound is less and the stability of the machine is better; frequency conversion speed regulation and digital display are added in front of the machine, which is intuitive and easy to operate, and the motor is more stable and durable; at the same time, the internal structure is adjusted, and the steel seamless crossbeam is added to make the racker more powerful than before, and the cutting piece is more uniform.


All kinds of semi-finished down jackets sewing pieces and finished down jackets.


1、Stable performance and small vibration.

2、Adopt frequency speed control,  digital display, easy to operate.

3、Powerful flapping stick makes down jacket smooth and even. 

4、High flapping efficiency, 3-5 times that of manual flapping.

Technical Parameter:

Working Area:1.9×1m, 3.8×1m

Working Speed:9m/min-13m/min, 2.9m/min-13m/min

Voltage :AC 220V, AC 220V


Machine Size:2.1×1.3×1.5m, 4.2×1.48×1.5m

Net Weight:500kg/650kg,600kg/800kg


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