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Button life testing machine

Button life testing machine

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The button life tester is suitable for mobile phones, computers, electronic dictionaries, Bluetooth headsets, car players, remote control buttons, vehicle anti-theft devices, fax machine buttons, MP5, MP4, MP3, key switches, touch switches, membrane buttons, rubber Life test is performed on various buttons such as buttons and silicone buttons. This machine puts the products on the test positions of the corresponding workstations, and presses the test rod to simulate the life test of the product by people under a certain test load, speed, stroke, and times.

Key attributes:

Supply voltage:220V ± 10% 50HZ

The law code:50g, 100g, 200g, 300g (one each)

Frequency range:0 to 9999999 times

Press the itinerary:120mm (the dimension to fit between test finger and machine bed)

The work stations:1

Display:LCD display

Working speed:0 to 120 / min (LCD digital display)

Control mode:Motor Control 

Table bed size:400 * 160 * 150mm

Current rating:2A


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