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Thermal Deformation Vicat tester

Thermal Deformation Vicat tester

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thermal deformation Vicat softening point temperature tester is mainly applied to thermal deformation temperature and Vicat softening point temperature determination of plastic, hard rubber, nylon, electrical insulating material, fibre reinforced composite, high strength thermosetting laminated material and other nonmetal materials. It has the advantages of high intelligence, easy operation and high accuracy and it is widely applied to universities and colleges, R&D institution and quality supervision and inspection unit. This machine is CE certified and has a good sale in many countries in Europe and America.


GB/T1633 "Determination of vicat softening temperature (VST) of thermoplastics"

GB/T1634 "Determination of plastic load deflection temperature part 1: general test method"

GB/T8802 "Determination of softening temperature of plastic pipe fittings"

IS075-2013 "Determination of plastic load deformation temperature"

ASTM D 648 "Plastic heat deflection temperature test method"

ASTM D 1525 "Plastic vicat softening temperature test method"

Key attributes:

Temperature control range:room~300ºC

Constant temperature control range:50ºC~200ºC

Heating rate:50±5ºC/h ~120±10ºC/h, selectable

Max. temperature tolerance:±0.5ºC

Deformation tolerance:±0.005mm

Deformation measuring range:0.001 mm~10.0mm

Test racks:3

Test racks lifting method:Automatically

Temperature measuring point:1

Heating medium:Silicone oil or transformer oil

Cooling method:Natural cooling above 150ºC. Water cooling or natural

cooling below:150ºC

Heating power:4kW

Total power capacity :6kW


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