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Rubber Low Temperature Brittleness Testing Machine

Rubber Low Temperature Brittleness Testing Machine

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Rubber low temperature brittleness tester is specialised to study the effects of low temperature on rubber. This is achieved when vulcanized rubber is exposed to damage via an impact from test conditions; which is therefore called as brittle temperature. It identifies the difference between non-rigid plastic on exposure to low temperature. Flexible in evaluating low temperature performance quality of different types of vulcanized rubber materials which is essential in production process.

Applicable in scientific research testing, quality analysis, inspection units to measure highest temperature of vulcanized rubber and other materials.



Key attributes:

Test instrument:Rubber Brittleness Tester

Testing temperature:-80℃~0℃

Impact speed:2 m/s±0.2m/s

Impactor weight:200±20g

Working stroke:40±1mm

Temperature fluctuation:<+0.5°C



Net weight:130kg


LED display to observe temperature value

Temperature ranges from Room temperature to -70°C

Can indicate highest brittleness test temperature

Tests can be conducted for vulcanized rubber or other vulcanized material

Lowest temperature for the rubber brittleness tester can be - 80°C


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