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Mooney viscometer

Mooney viscometer

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A Mooney viscometer is an instrument used for measuring the Mooney viscosity of rubbers.[1] Invented by Melvin Mooney, it contains a rotating spindle and heated dies, the substance encloses and overflows the spindle and the mooney viscosity is calculated from the torque on the spindle.


Mooney Viscometer model MVR-3000AU is an upgraded model of the traditional Mooney viscometer. Using a new microprocessor and LCD touch screen with built-in automatic balance and calibration device, it can automatically calibrate by pressing the button. With an accurate specimen temperature control system and high torque measuring precision, this machine is highly sensitive to changes in rubber materials and has optimum repeatability and reproducibility.

Key attributes:

Test mode:Mooney viscosity, Mooney scorch, stress relaxation

Temp. control:PID control

Temp. range:Ambient temp. ~200℃

Temp. display resolution:0.1℃

Temp. control stability:±0.1℃

Temp. accuracy:≤±0.5℃

Temp. recovery time:≤45 sec

Heating time:Ambient temp. ~100℃ < 6 min

Mooney range:250 MU

Torque display resolution:0.001 MU

Rotor speed:2.00 rpm

Rotor speed accuracy:±0.01 rpm

Controller:U70 Control system

Calibration system:Automatic balancing and calibration


Communication interface:RJ45

Motor:Stepper motor

Compressed air:3.5kg/c㎡(0.35MPa)(prepared by customer)

Dimension (W×D×H):70 cm × 85 cm × 130 cm

Power:1∮ AC 220V 50/60Hz 2kW(or specify)

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