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Cobb Water Absorption Tester

Cobb Water Absorption Tester

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This device is used for determining the water absorption of paper and not applicable to porous paper. Fix the weighed specimen between the bottom of the device and the water tank. Fill the water tank with pure water. After a predetermined time, empty water and remove the specimen. Reweigh the specimen to calculate the quantity of water absorbed by the specimen.

Key attributes:

Inner section Area:100 ± 0.2 cm2

Cylinder height:50 mm

Quantitative Absorption Paper:200~250 g/m2

Smooth Metal Roller Width: 200 ± 0.5 mm; Weight: 10 ± 0.5 Kg

Absorption Rate:75 mm/10 min


Application:paper or cardboard

Product name:Cobb Water Absorption Tester

Function:determing of surface water absorption

Warranty:24 Months

How Does Cobb Testing Work:

1、The corrugated sample is weighed and placed under a vertical cylinder with an internal cross-section of 100 cm². (Figure 1)

2、The sample and cylinder rest on a rubber mat supported on a steel plate.

3、Approx. 100 ml of water is poured into the cylinder.

4、After 30 Minutes, the water is poured out.

5、Excess water is removed from the specimen using blotting paper and a roller. (Figure 2)

6、The specimen is weighed while wet and the amount of water absorbed by 1 m² of specimen material is calculated.

7、In order to receive a passing grade, the water resistance of the outer surface must be such that the increase in mass is not greater than 155 g per square meter over a 30 minute time period.


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