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Paper ring compression strength tester

Paper ring compression strength tester

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Multifunction pressure ring tester is also known as compression testing machine compression testing machine, cardboard compression testing machine, electronic compression tester, edge pressure meter, pressure gauge, is the basic equipment for cardboard / paper compressive strength performance testing (paper packaging Testing equipment), with a variety of fixture accessories to test the ring of the original paper strength, the pressure of the board crush strength, edge strength, bonding strength test, so that paper production enterprises to control production costs and improve product quality. Its performance parameters and technical indicators in line with relevant national standards. Multifunctional edge pressure ring tester meets the standard GB / T 2679.8 "paper and cardboard ring crush strength determination" (sample area: 152.4 × 12.7mm) GB / T 6546 "corrugated board edge strength determination"; ( Sample area: 25 mm × 100 mm)

Paper ring compression strength tester is used for testing the ring crush strength of the paperboard. With the proper accessories (optional), it’s also available to test the column compress, ring crush, concora crush and adhesion strength of the corrugated board.


TAPPI-T472, JIS-P8126,GB / T 6546 ,GB / T 6548;




Platen dimension:100×100mm(or customize by user needs)

Test stroke:90mm (or customize by user needs)

Test speed:12.7mm/min

Return function:self-return after test finishing




1) High speed return after finishing test

2) Imported step motor with servo control adopted

3) The test result can be measured, statistical and printed automatically and the data can be saved. 


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