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Shoes Heat Insulation Tester

Shoes Heat Insulation Tester

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Shoes Heat Insulation Tester is used to test shoe heat insulation / thermal insulation against hot performance. Place the shoe in sandbath and the footwear shall contact with the plate(forepart and the heel) in certain temperature for a given period. Then to measure the temperature increase inside of the shoe. The contact temperature and time is specified in production standard.

Test Principle:

Sample shoes were placed in a continuous heating basin, basin and heating temperature from room temperature to the test temperature and record the change of the internal temperature of the sample shoes what had happened, continue to maintain test temperature to do test, until the test time finished, then check the functional damage of shoes.


ISO 20344 section 5.12,

GB/T 20991 section 5.12,

AS/NZS 2210.2 section 5.12


Sandbath Size:(40±2*40±2)cm,Height>5cm

Hot Plate Temperature Range:RT~250°C(Accuracy ±5C)

Temp Sensor inside Shoe:Soldered on a thick (2 ± 0.1 mm) diameter (15 ± 1 mm) copper plate

Stainless steel balls:Diameter 5mm, 4kg

Power:1∮, AC220V

Accessories:Stainless steel balls (4kg)

                    Temperature Recorder 1set

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