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Heel Impact Tester

Heel Impact Tester

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Heel Impact Tester is used to determine the impact strength of heels of ladies’ shoes.


This Heel Impact Tester is used to determine the impact strength of heels of ladies’ shoes, and the result provides an assessment of the liability to failure under the occasional heavy blows received during wear.


Its principle is, a heel, clamped with the tip uppermost and the stem approximately vertical, is subjected repeatedly to measured blows from a pendulum striker , the energy of the blows increasing successively until the heel fails. While the method is applicable to all types of high heels ,of whatever construction, it is particularly useful for injection molded plastics heels which incorporate a steel dowel reinforcement, giving information on the suitability of the dowel’s hardness or softness.


Capacity: 0~18.3J(13.5FT-LB) minimum indication

Swing arm: φ25mm

Energy of pendulum bob when swing arm in horizontal: 17.3N-m(12.7ft-lb)

Impact hammer: φ108mm, 49.2mm(D)

Distance between hammer circle center and axle center: 432mm

Impact blade: 25x6x35mm(W×D×L),3mm(R)

Specimen seat adjustable range: 0~25mm(H), angle 1~45°

Volume: 63x40x105cm

Weight: 101kg



ISO 19953, 



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