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Shoelace Abrasion Tester

Shoelace Abrasion Tester

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This shoelace abrasion tester is used for shoelace against standard eyelet abrasion testing, or eyelet against standard shoelace abrasion testing. This tester is suitable for all kinds of shoelace and eyelet.


Let shoelace cross the eyelet clamped on the fiber board, make the shoelace and eyelet form into 90 degree, make the fiber board and shoelace form into 45 degree. Then straining reciprocated the shoelace under the standard tension by eyelet. While the shoelace is damaged, stop the testing.


Position:6 positions

Weights:455g ± 5g , 6pcs

Control method:Touch-screen control, 0~999,999

Standard eyelet:Brass, Inner diameter: 4.5mm

Fiberboard:25×25mm, Inner diameter 5.0 ± 0.2mm

Movable stroke:76 ±2 mm

Test speed:100±5cpm

Power supply:1∮AC 220V 50/60HZ


Weight(approx.):60 kg(excluding weight)




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