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Leather Bursting strength testing machine

Leather Bursting strength testing machine

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Bursting Strength Tester is an intelligent and automatic rupture strength testing machine to test anti-rupture strength. Features pressure range of 250 to 5600 kPa with pressure transmitter as sensing method. Designed with anti-vibration motor and semi-automatic operation method, it is an ideal unit for quality control and inspection.


Bursting Strength Tester is used to determine the anti-burst or anti-rupture strength of raw paper, corrugated cardboard, leather, cloth and synthetic leather.


An intelligent and automatic rupture strength testing machine

Designed as per ASTM-D2210 and ISO2759-2001 configuration standard

Compact and tabletop structure for easy and convenient operation

Pressure range of 250 to 5600 kPa with pressure transmitter

Semi-automatic operation mode for reliable operation

Digital indicators with LCD display for parameters setting and observation

Anti-vibrator motor for smooth and quiet operation

Standard with built-in printer for easy data analysis

An ideal unit to test anti-rupture strength for quality control


Weight (KG):120

Video outgoing-inspection:Provided

Machinery Test Report:Provided

Warranty of core components:1 Year

Warranty:1 Year

Applicable Industry:Leather materials

Clamping force:≤15kgf

Corrected value:11.61kgf

Test unit:kPa、kgf、psi

Hydraulic system:Automatic reset

Clamp ring diameter:Upper ring: Φ 31.50mm ; Lower ring: Φ 31.50mm

Test strength:0-80Kg high pressure






JIS-L1004 L1018 L1031


K6328 P8131 P8112





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