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Shoes Heat Insulation Tester

Shoes Heat Insulation Tester

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This shoe heat insulation tester is used to determine the heat insulation performance for the whole shoe. Place the specimen (a whole shoe) on the hotplate with a specified temperature for a certain period to examine the increase of temperature inside of the shoe.


Put the test sample in a sand bath at a specified temperature and maintain it for a specified time. By measuring the temperature in the test sample or before and after the insole, the size of the temperature change and the severity of the damage to the test sample are used to evaluate whether the test sample is damaged. It has the advantages and disadvantages of thermal insulation performance and its performance.


Sand Bath Size:(40±2) ×(40±2)cm ,and the height at least 125px

Sand Granular Size:0.3~1.0mm

Hotplate Temperature Range:RT~ 250° ± 5°

Temperature probe:Soldered to a copper disc 2mm thick and 15mm dia., accuracy ±0.5°C

Heat transfer medium:¢5 mm Steel balls, total mass(4 000±40) g

Heating Power:2500 ± 250W and over

Power supply:1∮AC 220V  50/60HZ

Dimensions (W×D×H):36×24×1175px





ANS1, J1S, 

CSA, GB12017一1989, 




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