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Fabric Drill Flocking Performance Tester (Friction Method)
Testing Standards: 
GB/T 12705.1/14272, BS EN 12132-1
Drill Flocking Performance Tester is designed for determining the down-proof properties of fabric for the liner material, feather or fibers of winter clothes, down jacket, quilts and other bedding.
Product Information:
The Drill Flocking Performance Tester could test down and/or feather penetration through the primary tick fabric of a specimen containing feather and/or down filling, mainly for the liner material, feather or fibers of winter clothes, down jacket, quilts and other bedding. Controlled by microprocessor, automatically alarm and stop as the test finished. With LED liquid crystal display counter, a level calibration system to ensure the equipment running aclinicly.Transparent safety hood for safe operation and for convenient observation in real time.

· Main machine is made of stainless steel
· Surface is  wiredrawing processed.  
· Specimen clamp adopts stainless steel  
· With high quality footing. 
· Activity guild rod is processed by special aluminum.
· Rubbing time digital set, control accurate and stable.  
· Motion mode by motor and speed controller ( 3 dimension movement) , can achieve specimen clamp moving  and counting separately  
· Precision  gear motor driven, lower noise.  
· With chain transparent plexiglass safety cover to ensure safety.

Technical Parameters:

Item  Parameter
Distance between 2 clamps 44±1mm
Distance of reel center with clamping point 25±0.5 mm
Specimen size 170×120 mm
Rotary speed 135 rpm
Testing times 2700 times
Counter 0~999999
Overall dimensions 72×49×62cm(L×W×H)
Weight 80kg
Power 220V,50Hz,3A
Product Display:

Recommended Instruments:

Drill Flocking Performance Tester (Tumbling Method)

Drill Flocking Performance Tester (Impact Method)


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