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Oxygen Index Tester

Oxygen Index Tester

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To automatically determine the minimum quantity of oxygen required for combustion. The apparatus determines the flammability characteristics of the materials used in the production of electric cables. The oxygen percentage is detected by a paramagnetic transducer (O2 accuracy <0.1%), and the combustion occurs inside the glass column. The operator is fixing only the O2 ratio, while the N2 flux is kept constant by proportional valve of the electronic system. Two units separated, one to check the measurements and one to feed oxygen and nitrogen to the column where the testing sample is placed.

Technical Parameter:
Main unit:360 x 300 x 240 h (mm)
Colum unit:200 x 300 x 50 h (mm)
Colum:Type A ,Ø100 x 450 h (mm)
Overall dimension:360 x 300 x 740 h (mm)
Net weight:13 kg
Gross weight:19kg
Power supply:230 V 50Hz,single phase
Gas:oxygen, nitrogen, propane, dry industrial air 2 bar
ASTM D 2863  Standard Test Method for Measuring the Minimum Oxygen Concentration to Support Candle-Like Combustion of Plastics (Oxygen Index)
ISO 4589-2 Plastics-Determination of burning behaviour by oxygen index –Part 2: Ambient-temperature test
CEI 20-22/4 Tests on electric cables under fire conditions-Part 3: Tests on bunched wires or cables
ISO 13501, 
BS 2782 Pt 141, 
ISO: 4589-3, 
NES 714, 
NES 715
Configuration include
Support for self supporting specimens
Support for non-self supporting specimens
Support for thin specimens
Column Pyrex glass with cap
Burner for the ignition of the sample with manual regulator and gas hose
Clamp for specimen positioning
Determination of the percentage of oxygen through a paramagnetic transducer (accuracy O2 <0.1% )
Direct reading on color display 3.2" (% Oxygen, Flow, Air)
Automatic flow through Mass flow
Automatic mixing oxygen / nitrogen
Management of equipment Microprocessor
Management mixture by addition of air to more economic measures with high concentration oxygen
Automatic calibration (0 and 100%)
Distributor flow inside the column
USB output to connecting PC
Optional: Software testing report data, easy to use, customize your testing procedures and final report.

Qinsun-lab also provides the following different types of oxygen index testers:
1. High Temperature Oxygen Index Tester

2. Rubber/Asphalt Oxygen Index Tester:

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