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Spray Rating Tester

Testing Standards:
ISO 4920, BS EN 24920, BS 3702, GB/T 4745, AATCC 22, M&S P23, NEXT 23
Spray Rating Tester is used to determine the surface wetting resistance of fabrics.
Product Information:
The Spray Tester  comprises a metal framework allowing distilled water to be sprayed through a nozzle onto a test specimen at 45° and 150mm below. The appearance of the specimen is compared against an optional photographic scale to rate.

Instrument features:
1. The instrument structure is simple, mainly by the main frame, funnel, nozzle, sample holder and sample holder;
2. Nozzle have a total of 19 aperture evenly distributed, the aperture required by the standard custom. 250ml of water poured into the funnel can flow out of the nozzle within 25-30s;
3. The racks on the upper edge of the racks are at a 45 ° angle to the horizontal;
4. The center of the upper edge of the sample holder ring, ie the distance from the center of the sample to the nozzle, is 150 mm.
Technical Parameters:
1. Structure: stainless steel;
2. Surface treatment: painting;
3. Dimensions: 230 × 250 × 500mm (length × width × height);
4. Weight: 5kg (11lb).

Nozzle and rubber hood;
water tray;
AATCC (22) Ratings Standard Chart Cards


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