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Fabric Tensile Tester

Fabric Tensile Tester

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Fabric tensile tester is suitable for testing the tensile and elastic properties of the high elastic fabric and the low elastic fabric such as the amount of tensile deformation and the amount of elastic recovery. It can not only be used to evaluate the tensile and elastic properties of the woven fabric, but also to test the force leading to the irreversible deformation of the knitted fabric, in order to guide the development of the material and help the user to effectively evaluate the performance of the product.
Fabric tester uses a variety of installation modes, a variety of sample holders, different loading weights to meet different test requirements; It also has with a timer to facilitate accurate control of test time and unify the testing process.

Fabric tensile tester is easy to use with high efficiency, and can make the daily laboratory testing work become simple with diversified function, flexibility, safety and stability.

Technical Parameter
Items Parameters
Loading weights 1lb,3lb,4lb,5lb,10lb optional
Scale accuracy 1mm
Timer 1-9999s
Sample fixture Clamping fixture, hanging fixture
Power requirement No
Single station size 800 mm×400 mm×1800 mm
Single station weight 39kg
Three-station size 600 mm×240 mm×1700 mm
Three-station weight 19.5kg
Six-station size 1350mm×700 mm×1850 mm
Six-station weight 54.5kg

ASTM D3107 standard sample fixture, easy to hold, with a variety of hanging weight and scale, easy to operate.

Static tensile properties and non-returnable deformation test of leather and coating materials.

Tensile properties and elastic recovery ability of Woven fabrics, knitted fabrics and other textile.

Movable single-station , wall-mounting type  3-station  and movable 6-station optional, flexible and convenient to meet the requirements of different test environment.

ASTM D2594 sample suspension fixture can be configured with good compatibility

Product quality control, performance assessment of new developed products, product quality sampling and assessment.

ASTM D3107 Standard Test Methods for Stretch Properties of Fabrics Woven from Stretch Yarns.
ASTM D2594 Standard Test Method for Stretch Properties of Knitted Fabrics Having Low Powder

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