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Radiant Protective Performance Test Device

Radiant Protective Performance Test Device

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Standardized sample clamping program, strictly meet the standards. While taking into account the operation, is simple and generous. The calorimeter has a long service life and stable performance.
Radiant protective performance is an important performance index of flame retardant products, accurate determinate its protective properties, for the selection of materials, research and development of new products, improve the processing technology has important guiding significance.

Fabric radiant protective performance tester is used to determinate the heat radiation performance for fabric single or multi-layer in high temperature environment, widely used and protective clothing in the field of quality inspection work, such as factory protective clothing, fire protective clothing, biochemical protective clothing and so on. In addition, it can also be used to measure the thermal performance of other fire-retardant sheet.

ISO 6942-2002  Protective clothing - Protection against heat and fire - Method of test: Evaluation of materials and material assemblies when exposed to a source of radiant heat

Simplified operation interface, dignified and generous. Easy to operate to reduce the possibility of misuse.

Intelligent design, using the host computer for data collection, analysis, and analysis of the results to facilitate the data summary and processing. Programmable scientific are reasonable, easy to master, low configuration requirements.

According to standard ISO 6942-2002 (EN366), the protective of the material can be tested according to two test methods. The first method (method A) is that the sample undergoes a certain amount of heat radiation, in order to reproduce the harsh conditions of the material, and record the appearance changes. The second method (method B) is to place the calorimeter on the back of the sample. The heat is transferred from the back of the sample and the temperature is recorded over time, to determine the level of heat radiation transfer.

Infrared quartz tube 5 tubes
The silicon carbide rod heating power 6.5kW / 220V / 50Hz
Silicon rod heating length 178mm, diameter 8mm
Heat source heat flux density 10kW / m2 ~ 80 kW / m2 adjustable
Heat radiation source temperature control room temperature ~ 1200oC± 5oC(accuracy of 1oC)
Heat radiation source temperature sensor thermocouple (0 ~ 1600oC)
The thermal radiation source temperature thermostat with a PID intelligent adjustment controller
Calorimeter heat capacity about 480.937 J / K, heating area of 50 × 50mm2
Circulating water pump HQB-3900 / 100W / 220V / 50Hz
Air supply mini air compressor, power 1 / 4HP  220V / 50Hz
Dimensions 1510mm × 650mm × 1220mm
Weight 200kg
Test environment between 15oC~ 35oC, the room should be no air circulation

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