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Integrated Filter Material Filtration Performance Testing System

Integrated Filter Material  Filtration Performance Testing System

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The new high efficiency filter material filtration performance tester uses the current international mainstream particle counting method, the high efficient large flow laser particle counter to test the basic filtration performance parameters of filter material, such as filtration efficiency, particulate transmittance, pressure drop curve, residual pressure drop, filtration/cleaning cycle, etc. The alternative patented horizontal and vertical structure achieves a comprehensive test for filtration material, compatible with more testing requirements. Combined with the life span testing module, the testing system can make cyclic test for filtration material so as to obtain the dynamic filtration performance of the filtration material as well as the information on efficient filtering life span.

The unique alternative vertical dirty gas pipe can simulate the actual use process of filtration material. It is applicable to test the basic static filtration efficiency and to provide actual simulation test for research and development, achieving  the verification of versatile function performance of filtration material. The bottom is equipped with a dust collector, to avoid the dust re-dispersion to the air upstream  of the tested filtration material, which lead s to the uncertainty of the dust concentration and invalidity of the measurement (especially important parameter: residual pressure drop value). The design of the instrument achieves long term operation with zero error, and there is no need of frequent full suspension of the measurement for cleaning the dust deposition.

Applicable to multiple areas Professional and reliable testing device, great repeatability, ensures more accurate and reliable test results.

Test dust pipe
1.Horizontal dust pipe and filter material fixture.
2.Vertical dust pipe and filter material fixture.
3.Lift and fall dust generation device.
4.Analytic filter for testing dust concentration
5.Pressure detection system

The new comprehensive filter materials filtration performance testing system evaluates the filtration performance of filter media through the comprehensive performance test of the resistance and efficiency in the process of filter cleaning, aging and stabilizing. It’s applicable to the quality control for filter materials industrial production enterprises, product performance verification for filter materials R & D enterprises, filter materials filtration performance testing services for third-party testing agencies and the market-oriented product quality supervision for environmental protection agencies.

Applicable to a variety of test materials
Use replaceable dust pipes to meet  requirements of different types of filtration performance test . It is able to test the filtration performance of various filter materials such as that in bag filter, high efficient filter materials, etc.

Product performance evaluation for filter material R & D institutions, product quality monitoring for product manufacturers, and product performance verification for high-end users.

It’s suitable for different sizes and types of filtration materials, the raw material of sheet-form filter materials, high efficient filter materials to test the filtration performance.

The filter media filter performance testing services for third-party testing agencies, the special application of market-oriented product quality supervision for quality and technical supervision departments and environmental protection agencies.

It is applicable to test fabric filter material, membrane filter media, and the bag filter’s filter materials made  of synthetic fiber filter material, glass fiber filter material, composite filter material, and other filter materials.

The test dust and particulate are dispersed into a constant concentration by compressed air in the dust generator and distributed evenly in the pipeline. Under the effect of  electrostatic classifier and charge neutralization, the dust turns into monodispersed particles. On the other side of the tested filter material, the sucking pump produces a certain suction airstream, which draws the dust to attach into the tested filter material. Thus the operation situation of filter material under the influence of constant airstream and dust concentration is simulated. Trough monitoring the dust or particulate concentration and particle size distribution on both sides of the filter material, it will be able to quickly figure out the filtration efficiency of tested filter material and dust transmittance.
The aggregation of dust and particulate on the surface and inner of the tested filter material will lead to the increase of test pressure drop. The differential pressure transducer real-time detects the  change of pressure drop on each side of  the tested filter material. The filtration method of the air filter determines that the filtration efficiency of the filter material will be decreased due to the increase of the filtering energy consumption caused by inner dust aggregation on the filter material. Meanwhile, the filtration efficiency will also be  subject to the influence of the particle impact, which causes the internal damage of the filter material  leading to transmittance to increase and filtration efficiency to decline. The tested specimen’s life span is pre-evaluated by monitoring filtration efficiency-particle size distribution– pressure drop change curve. The particle size spectrometer can monitor the dust concentration as well as the dust particle size distribution and fractional filtration efficiency simultaneously, to evaluate the static dust removal efficiency in a specified time and the dynamic dust removal efficiency of filter material subject to the change of working condition during the whole life cycle.
Technical Parameters
Aerosol generator  
Dust generation amount 8 g-550 g/h (reference dust: SAE,Fine A2 Dust)
Pural NF, Pural SB, ISO A2 fine powder,ISO A4 coarse powder, lime, silica, plaster ash, different types of TiO2 or other non sticky powder.
Wind speed range 5-10 m³/h±1%
Dust container volume 3.2L
Outlet dust concentration 0.8-100 g/m3, accuracy<±7. the deviation of dust concentration of the same specimen under 3 consecutive tests is within 5%.
Dust generator weighing mechanism 30kg load units, accuracy of 1g
High capacity consecutive dust supplying device Cooperate with the load unit. Automatically feed dust without checking the dust feeding quite frequently.
Dust generator lift and fall device Meet the use requirements of horizontal and vertical air pipe.
Transparent horizontal air pipe  
Air pipe temperature transducer Temperature range: 0-100℃, accuracy of ±0.3℃(high temperature optional)
Diameter Φ160mm
Air velocity 0-6m3/h±1%
Pressure transducer 0-1100mbar±0.5%
Vertical air pipe  
Air pipe temperature transducer Temperature range: 0-100℃, accuracy of ±0.3℃(high temperature optional)
Pressure transducer 0-1100mbar±0.5%
Air velocity 0-6m3/h±1%
Optical condensation monitor Measure and monitor the test dust concentration and distribution in the air pipe
Luminance meter The consolidation period is less than 10 seconds. Laser energy is 1mW. Wavelength is 650nm±10nm
Standard dust concentration monitoring range (0~10)g/m3

EN 779 Particulate air filters for general ventilation - Determination of the filtration performances.
VDI 3926 Standard test for the evaluation of cleanable filter media

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