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AFC-133 Filter Material Test Bench

AFC-133 Filter Material Test Bench

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It’s great significant for AFC-133 filter test bench to optimize and develop filter materials,    ensure quality assurance of the production process. Dust capacity and filtration efficiency are the most interesting properties of filter material properties, depending on the pressure difference between the upstream and downstream of the filter and the test particle size. In order to test these properties, the AFC-133 filter test bench tests the filter materials according to international standards. The entire test bench is compact and lightweight, and only requires additional single-phase power and compressed air during the test. It is suitable for the laboratory.

Technical Parameters:
Items Parameters
Air flow   0.5~65m3/h±1%
Differential pressure 10~2500Pa±0.1%
Cross section 176cm2(diameter 150mm)
Cylinder pressure 0.2~0.6MPa
Agitated time 50~150 ms
Optical particle counter LAP322 particle size spectrometer, 0.2~40μm(0.2~5μm, 0.7~40μm), 128 channel(test  concentration<104 /cm3)
Test aerosol Dust (AC fine, AC coarse, soot, calcite, limestone).Droplets (DEHS, DOP, paraffin, emery 3004).Salts (sodium chloride solution, ammonium sulfate solution). PSL small ball.
Power 3×230 V, 16A
 Dust capacity test.
 Test the filter materials according to the standards (air filter EN779,  air filters for passenger compartments ISO11155-1 ISO11057, VDI3926).
 Develop and optimize filter materials.
 Good quality assurance.
 Smart design makes its application with greater scalability and extensibility.
 The test bench can be operated and controlled by user-friendly PAFWin3.0 software.
 Aerosols are available in a wide range (gas, dust and droplets).
 The optimal combination of instruments makes it the most cost-effective.

1. Counting filter efficiency and grading filter efficiency testing. The system integrates with the aerosol particle size spectrometer by switching valve (EN-779 and DIN-71460).
2. Weight filtration efficiency. By measuring the end of the high efficiency filter and the weight of the filter materials to test the filter efficiency (ISO-5011).
3. Dust capacity test. The dust capacity test can test over a wide range of dust concentrations and surface wind speed. The dust capacity returns to zero through the filter pressure trigger and backflush system. It also record test flow and other air parameters (temperature, humidity).
4.Differential pressure flow test. Evaluate the relationship between the resistance of the filter and the flow.
5.Pulse cleaning performance test. Do the aging test of pulse cleaning according to ISO11057 and VDI3926 to evaluate the filter aging performance.

System Integration
AFC-133 filter materials test bench mainly test channel (including filter fixture), flow control unit, dust diffuser, optical particle counter and other components and control and data acquisition software. Horizontal device test dust pipe is in line with VDI-3926 with diameter 100mm of 1.4301 stainless steel tube. The flow control unit has designed a mass flow controller. The optical particle counter with switching valve (switching upstream and downstream aerosol samples) can measure the grading filtration efficiency of 0.2 ~ 40μm. At the same time, the particle counter can be purged by purging the air that up and down the sample. Moreover,  Time can be selected by software.
The high efficiency filter installed at the end of the air purifying channel is used to measure the downstream aerosol concentration of filter in test state. The weighting method is the way to get filtration efficiency by measuring the weight of the backup filter and the filter under test. The filter clamp and the backup filter are free to be placed and removed from the test channel, making it easy to test and clean.
Control and data acquisition software PAFWin is the professional software based on filter materials and filter test and development. This software controls the operation of the test bench and test data records, which can be easily controlled and operated in Windows3.x / 95 / NT operation System. It not only can automatically conduct an experimental test according to the issued standard, but also can prompt the maintenance needs of manual control, calibration experiments and research and other information.

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