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Glow wire tester/iec60529 glow wire equipment

Glow wire tester/iec60529 glow wire equipment

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The best method for testing electro technical products with regard to fire hazard is to duplicate exactly the conditions occurring in practice. In most instances, this is not possible. Accordingly, for practical reasons, the testing of l products with regard to fire hazard is best conducted by simulating as closely as possible the actual effects occurring in practice.
Parts of insulating material or other material which are liable to propagate flames inside the equipment may be ignited by glowing wires or glowing elements. Under certain conditions
(for example, a fault current flowing through a wire, overloading of components, and bad connections), certain elements may attain a temperature such that they will ignite parts in their vicinity.
 Glow wire apparatus is suitable for lighting equipment, low-voltage electrical appliances, electrical instruments, and other electrical and electronic products and non-metallic materials and parts for household electrical appliances, such as: switch shell, relay socket. Wide range of applications. It can be applied to the production enterprises, quality inspection departments, institutions and research institutes and other institutions.

1. IEC 60695-2-10 Fire hazard testing -- Part 2-10: Glowing/hot-wire based test methods - Glow-wire apparatus and common test procedure
2. VDE 0471 Fire hazard testing; part 2: test methods; glow-wire test and guidance
Scope of application:

 The glow wire tester is used to simulate the fire generation of materials without contacting the flame source according to IEC60695-2-10:2000-IEC60695-2-13:2000 (glow wire/hot wire, basic test method, glow wire test device and general test procedure), UL746A,IEC829,DIN695,VDE0471.
The glow wire tester processes the heating wire of specified material (4NI80/CR20) and shape in large electric current to the test temperature (550℃-960℃), and apply specified pressure(1.0N)on the glow wire to contact the specimen for 30s. Visually assess the ignition of the specimen and bedding materials, which can be used to evaluate the fire hazard of finished products of electrician and electronic equipment. The tester is suitable for solid insulation material and other solid combustible materials to determine the ignition property, ignition temperature(GWIT), flammability and flammability index(GWFI).

Glow-wire tester serves for lighting device、 low-voltage electrical appliances、 household appliances、motor、 Machine appliances, electrical tools, electronic equipment, Electrical instrumentation, information technology device, electrical connectors and piers and other electrical and electronic products and components research Production sector, and also applies to insulating materials, engineering plastics or other solid combustible materials industry.
Glow wire tester which applies the integrated design of test chamber part and control part of is easy on-site installation and commissioning. The box shell and  important parts are made of stainless steelthat resists smoke and gas corrosion. The instrument adopts automatic control system whice can automatically adjust the current to achieve the purpose of precise temperature control. The time and temperature figures are displayed, the observation is convenient and the use of the instrument is stable and reliable.
main performance characteristics :
1, the use of suction relay to control the burning wire to burn the depth of the sample, and the instrument has adjustable function, while equipped with measuring gauge, with accurate and efficient features.
2, the instrument applies British imports thermocouple (4437951)that can accuratly control temperature . the device also Uses Omron relay, timer, Merlin Gerin leakage protector, red wave button and other famous brand to ensure long-term stable operation !
3, glowing wire contact with the measured items, the device continues to supply power, sample car returned after 2S cut off the current to ensure that the test accurately
4, equipped with mesh transfer sample fixture to facilitate the clamping of special-shaped and small test items.
5, lighting lamps with standard explosion-proof lamps, in line with safety standards
6, the use of wild air sealed fan to ensure that the box sealed. And the exhaust effect is strong!
7, the box with 1.2mm stainless steel box, nice!
Technical Parameters:
1,Temperature range: 500 ~ 1000 ℃, digital adjustable;
2,Temperature tolerance scope: ± 10 ℃ (500 ~ 750 ℃); ± 15 ℃ (750 ~ 1000 ℃), temperature measurement instrument accuracy ± 0.5;
3,temperature sensor: Φ0.5K armored thermocouple, imported thermocouple;
4, the pressure applied to the sample: 0.8N ~ 1.2N, and limit the penetration depth of at least 7mm;
5, timing range: 0 ~ 99 minutes 99 seconds adjustable;
6, the instrument has a firing time (Ta, generally set to 30 according to the standard), seconds of ignition time (Ti) and flame extinguishing time (Te)
7, time tolerance scope: ± 1s;
8, ignited bedding layer: 10mm thick white pine board, covering 12g / m2 ~ 30g / m2 standard silk paper, from the hot wire under the 200mm ± 5mm;
9, the instrument operation is simple, the temperature measurement system is stable and reliable, and automatic temperature compensation;
11, power supply: AC220V ± 10% / 50Hz. (Can be customized other power specifications).
Operating procedures:
1, the operation before the preparation
2, be sure to read the using instructions, and follow the instructions step, followed by operation;
3, do not use non-original accessories, so as to avoid danger;
4, glow wire test machine should be put in the room that have the oil ventilation equipment (or with a special ventilation hood in a small laboratory), in order to expel the exhaust after the test.
5, the two matching weights with copper wire (connected to the sample rack) by the left side of the two pulleys (through the corresponding hole) hanging under the bracket plate.
6, according to the standard requirements of interest and clamping samples.
7, close to the adjustment of the switch
A. The nut that is fixed to the switch is loosened and moved left and right;
B. Press the "left button" car automatically forward, when the sample contact with the hot wire, the hand close the switch, so that the car stopped before the fixed and close the switch.
C. Press the "Heating" button to adjust the current adjustment knob. According to the requirements of the sample, adjust the appropriate current value, while the temperature is required to meet the test requirements of the required temperature.
When the test piece touches the glowing wire head, the limit electromagnet is released and the 1N weight can only be moved forward by 7mm.
When the experiment is finished, eject the heating button and then turn the current adjustment knob to the minimum.

Standard configuration:
1. Steel test chamber volume approx 0.5 cum with inner part
painted in black to guarantee the required lux level.
2. Upper part designed for connection to a fume exhaust system.
3. Internal lighting.
4. Automatic, motor-operated carriage sliding system. 
5. Stainless steel sample holder mm 70×15×120.
6. 4 mm dia NiCr Wire.
7. Type K thermocouple.
8. Control board including:
    - 700VA, tension variator.
    - Digital display which shows temperature of the NiCr
       thread and for the voltage.
    - Timer to control both the wire application and the test
      duration time.
    - Programmable test sequence time.
    - Starting button for the motor-driven carriage, warning Light.
9. Collecting tray .
10. Wood tablet and cotton paper .

 Technical Parameters:
 1. Overall Dimensions: mm 1000 ×650 ×1050 h
 2. Weight: 85 kg
 3. Power consumption: 700 W
 4.  Maximum test temperature: 960° ±15° C
 5. Power supply: 230V, 50Hz

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